Custom Built

Exterior Projects

Petal Facade
@Parumaa Jewellers

A premium quality GRC Jali supplied to a corporate building of Adani Group.
The Elegant Facade reflecting the charm of petals in a symmetrical geometry. The motifs create more visually pleasing proportions by giving sufficient breathing space to each motif.

The appearance vary with different lighting and light sources.


Adani Corporate Building

A premium quality GRC Jali supplied to a corporate building of Adani Group.

Extra large size 3D patterned GRC panels enhances the architectural features of the building.

We are proud on our team for timely delivery of the products for such a prestigious project.

Elevational allures
@Mosque, Florida

This project covered the major elevational architectural GRC products from magnificent sized Dome to small wall stucco. The project delivery was to be made at Florida, the team did excellent handling and packaging to ensure safe delivery.

The installation was done by the non-skilled labour on site . this was made possible as we provide the doer manual for easy installation and connections.


Facade Blocks
@Hawthorn Resort

A premium Resort at Dwarka was finished into GRC decorative facade on the entire gate elevational surface giving it unique appearance.

GRC Jali
@Premium Residence

This GRC jali was fixed on the exterior of house with concealed hardware and direct connections on site.

This reduces the time and labour involved in installation process and creates beautiful sun-screen.


Facade Panels
@Ranip Bus Terminal

The external GRC Cladding work at Ranip Bus Terminal was challenge for us,

as the panel was 6m long which is actually daring for 18mm thick panel to resist. But the chemical composition and frame-work made it possible to achieve panels of great heights.