Custom Built

Interior Projects

GRC Mural
@ United Kingdoms

An exclusive project done by team with biggest time constraint.
The 100SqFt single cast panel was transported to U.K.

The panel was made in just 6days under extreme care and handling.

The unique mural was given appropriate fabrication for excellent strength.


Water Planter
@ Zucchini Lounge

Triangular modular planter boxes of unequal sides arranged in a manner to create whole single octagonal geometry.

Sharp GRC edging done with water retention properties.

It is being used as an artifact body with seating around it which enhances its grace and richness.

GRC Counter top
@ Restaurant

A high Gloss concrete surface for beverage barter is another wide application of GRC for interiors.


GRC Display shelf
@ Resident Bungalow

Hollow box display shelfs also acting as partiton shelf.

High grade GRC interiors with finishes allow Architect to enhance the indoor ambience .

GRC Decorative Jali
@ Friendsville

A residence facade was covered with unique jali designed in circular geometric grid, giving it a appearance of ethnical floral patterns.


Balcony Window Allures
@ Arved Mall

Decorative light weight balcony with Archular moulding at Arved Transcube Plaza Mall is one of the greatest achievement by our team as the project execution happened in short period of time with great perfection and accuracy on site.

A unique cantilever self supportive balcony facing double height multifunction event hall was designed by our team.

GRC Pot Basin
@ Restaurant

A new generation basin having deep pit for washing created modern feel in bathroom.

Also making it very easy to install and maintain.


TV Table
@ Residential Bungalow

Decorative GRC T.V box creating voidal space in whole panel.