Custom Built

Landscape Project

Ribbed Conical Planter
@ Premium Residence

An elongated ribbed planter designed for elegant look in the outdoors of a residential premium property.


Shallow Bowl Water Feature
@ House landscape

A Water Bowl of 600mm did black color placed in the outdoors of scheme called Aagam .

The Granite black color gives it ebony effect.

Lightweight Roof Planter
@ Sangath Posh

Angular lightweight planters arranged in levels to give stagy appearance .

A major challenge faced while project execution was to demould extreme thin edges out of mould.

The team overcame challenge by maintaining accurate concrete composition and delicate handling at each process stage.


Unique Kerb Stone
@ Heritage Bungalow

Composite Concrete kerbstones were replicated from old kerbstone of heritage building situated at Shahibaug Ahmedabad.